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It is quite a journey I have to look back on.

So much has happened, I have been so many places, I have come so far and developed so much.

And yet my story is still being written, chapter by chapter, and so many exciting and wonderful things still await me.

But in the end, the story does not really matter.

What matters it what it has led to, how it has developed me, how it has helped me grow, who it has turned me into...

So I will always have a short intro here, but the rest of this page i will change around a bit in between.

Maybe i will share some thoughts, or tell you a bit about my horses or share my news with you.

My main focus is the Body-Mind-Spirit connection between horse and human.

I teach Academic Art of Riding, Connection/Communication and physical and mental rehab.

I have been an instructor since 2004. At the beginning of my career I specialised in biomechanics, physical rehab and education of the body, but with time I have become keenly interested in the development of mind and spirit as well.

I am a licenced Bent Branderup® Trainer of the Academic Art of Riding and find it to be a logical, healthy, meaningful and fun way of educating horses and humans.

I also integrate connection, communication, awareness, personal development, playfulness, mindfulness and horse guided meditation in the education.

A new family member

October 2017

For many years now a plan has been brewing in me.

Norway has 4 fantastic national breeds. The Norwegian Coldblood trotter, the Fjordhorse, the Dølehorse and the Lyngshorse.

The two last of these, the Døle and the Lyngshorse are endangered breeds, struggling hard with less than 200 foals born a year.

For a long time I have planned that I one day wanted to do my part in helping to preserve at leased one of these two breeds, and my choice has fallen on the fantastic Lyngshorse.

The Lyngshorse is also called Nordlandshorse.

It is a pony breed with heights ranging between approximately 125-145 cm. It is known for its very good temper, good health and diverse usability.

So the plan I had was like this:

I wanted to buy a good representative for the breed.

I wanted a one year old stallion.

I wanted to educate this horse to the very best of my ability to help make people aware and hopefully also interested in this fantastic breed.

I will in time hopefully also get him approved as a breeding stallion.

So after a 5 week long searching period, fantastically aided by the Norwegian Nordlandshest/Lyngshest society and especially the enormous help and effort put in by Tone Berit Semb I decided on a horse.

Please meet Ambjørs Ulvar,a one year old stallion, who right now is about 130 cm tall, breed by Benedichte Hilt Mangerøy.

Vilma Alderheim and me picked him up on the 11th of October.

To tell you something about the temperament of this breed he willingly left his herd with us and went straight into the trailer where he stood patiently for the next 6 hours including a long wait at customs.

Massi and Davizin fell completely in love with him at once and it only took two days until they all felt like a herd and like they hade always been together.

I am happy!

Big big thank you to Tone Berit, Mimmi, Vilma, Benedichte, Janne Bugten and my dear husband!

A new Bookazine

November 2017

In November 2017 er new and exciting book/magazine series is launched.

It will come out twice a year and 18 issues are planned. It will be about the Academic Art of Riding and each issue will cover a specific subject with several different trainers, specialist etc writing about the subjecs. The first issue will be about horsemanship and I have written an article in it.

The articles are in German and English on the same page, so as long as you know any of these two languages you are sorted.

It can be ordered online several places:

Noway: www.freehorse.no

Sweden: www.kapson.se

Germany: www.barock-flair.com


    Varberg, Sweden

(+46) 0709 600 120


January 23, 2017

The brand new home page is launched.

May, 2017

A new chapter starts.

My horses move home and we start building our paradise on our own land.





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