Welcome to my home page!

Here I will celebrate and share my life's passion and journey together with you, tell you a little about who I am and what I do.

I am a licensed Bent BranderupĀ® Trainer in The Academic Art of Riding and work full time as a rider and trainer.

My passion is not just that I am crazy about horses, what intrigues me even more is the relationship between horses and humans and the enormous potential for growth that lies in this relationship.



I mainly make my living giving weekend clinics and giving online lessons. I can teach in Scandinavian, English and German and am happy to work with all levels and travel to most places.

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The challenges of Covid 19

 2020 and 2021 have been diffrent and challenging years for most people on this planet. Including riding instructors and horse trainers.

About 80% of my 2020 clinics got cancelled due to health, safetey and travel restictions and very few are booked for 2021. So it forced us all to find some new alternatives and ways to earn enough money to feed our ponies. And we did!

Online lessons and clinics and teaching with special attention to social distancing and taking care of ourselves and each other to stop spreading the virus has been the way to go.

How ever, things are slowly heading in the right direction with vaccines coming and the virus getting under control. Soon we will all be back enjoying clinics together as we used to.

Remember : Now is not forever and choosing love will guide us through anything life can throw at us.



An epilogue

I was very honoured to be asked to write the Epilogue for book 6 of the book Series about The Academic Art of Riding.

I chose to write a piece named "Beyong right or wrong" which talkeds about how our mind set influences our learning process with our horses and how we can find more pleasure along our path.

I hope you will enjoy it.