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Clinics provide a great atmosphere for growth, development and inspiration.

Through theory lectures, watching lessons, getting your own lessons and being part of a group of people who share your passion and support you, you are set up for success.

A weekend clinic is set up for 8 riders and theory participants, the number of which is decided by the clinic arranger.

During the weekend we have three 45min theory sessions and each rider gets three 30min individual riding lessons.

I always strive to create a warm and positive vibe in the group making a safe, supportive, fun and good learning environment for horse and human.

All levels, breeds and diciplines are welcome and everyone is treated with the same openess and inclusion.

I speak Norwegian, Swedish, English and German fluently and am happy to do clinics anywhere in the world. It is also possible to arrange clinics over several days or specialy tailored to your wishes.

If you would like to arrange a clinic you are welcome to write me an email for further information.

If you would like to attend a clinic listed in the calendar please mail me and i will put you in contact with the arranger for that clinic for more information.



13-16 Jan: Licenced trainer meeting,DK

8-9 Feb: Gothenburg, Sweden

15-16 Feb: Stockholm, Sweden

2-6 March: Weekstudent, Bent Branderup 

4-5 April: Askim, Norway

18-19 April: Ytre Enebakk, Norway

24-26 April: Bruvoll, Norway

1-3 May: Skiptvet, Norway

9-10 May: Kragerø, Norway

16-17 May: Göteborg, Sweden

23-24 May: Karlskrona, Sweden

30-31 May: Luleå, Sweden

6-7 June: Gießen, Germany

13-14 June: Stockholm, Sweden

26-28 June: Fair to the Horse, Hällekis, Sweden

 July: Summer retreat(s) at my home

22-23 Aug: Göteborg, Sweden

28-30 Aug: Bruvoll, Norway

4-6 Sept: Enebakk, Norway

12-13 Sept: Karlskrona, Sweden

19-20 Sept: Schwarzwald, Germany

26-27 Sept: Luleå, Sweden

3-4 Oct: Stockholm, Sweden

17-18 Oct: Göteborg, sweden

24-25 Oct: Darmstadt, Germany

16-20 Nov: Weekstudent, Bent Branderup

Online lessons

Live teaching via Skype- You need an iPad or phone with a good internett connection and a Bluetooth headset.

Place your iPad or phone on the fence and mark out the perimeter of what the camera angle catches in your riding arena so that you ride within that frame. Book a time with me and we do it almost as a normal  30 minute lesson with my comments directly in your ear as you play with your horse. 450 kr

Film yourself while playing with your horse and upload a whole session of 30 minutes on Youtube with a private setting and send me the link. Book a time with me and then we can watch it together while we talk on Skype or on the phone at the same time. If you want the possibility of rewinding certain aspects, watching them again and talking closer about it your uploaded video should be maximum 20 minutes so we have some extra time to talk. 450 kr

Film yourself and edit together a 10-15 minute video of the things you want me to comment on, upload it on Youtube on a private setting and send me a link to the film. I then look at it and send you written comments with timestamps either on mail or on messenger when I get time. No time booking necessary. 450 kr

Help to set up  your personal training plans:

It can be a bit difficult sometimes to set up a plan for the education of your horse and yourself. I can help you to set up a  plan for the next 20 trainings together with your horse. This can be combined with live online teaching or video teaching to help me set up a plan specifically for your needs and also to see at the end of your 20 training plan if we have achieved the things we wanted to achieve with our plan. 450 kr 

Private demonstrations of basic work from the ground and ridden.: If you need a specific example to understand how to do something you find difficult or to understand an aid you can ask me to film myself doing it with my horse so you can see it. I will then send you a short video with an example of what you want demonstrated and with me explaining while i do it that you will have access to for a limited time and can not share with other people. 300 kr

Theory lessons: if there is a subject you want more information about or you need the basic theory all together we can do theory over Skype, chat or phone. 450 kr for 30 minutes, 700 kr for an hour. Group chat offers possible contact me for details.

Introductory lesson with new pupils: If you have never trained for me live or online before I offer a one time introductory lesson where we take some time before and after the lesson to talk about you and your horse and set up a plan for your training process with your horse. 1 hour 600 kr

If you pre-buy 4 online lessons with me you get a bundle price of 1600 kr so you can save 200 kr. You then have a year from the day you pay your invoice to use your 4 lessons.

This offer applies to all the different options above that are priced by 450 kr and you can mix freely between them.  

I can teach in Swedish, Norwegian, German and English. You can contact me on messenger or mail to book a time for your lesson.

Online teaching community groups:

Become a member of a closed facebook group and get the possibility to watch other people’s training videos and post your own and post my written comments under the video if you want to. You can also post videos or ask questions to each other and only get the groups comments on them without paying me for that.

It will be small groups of 10-15 pupils in each to make it easier to get to know each other, build trust in other people seeing your work and commenting on it so you can all help each other. 

The groups will be administered by me and a positive vibe, with supportive, loving kindness will be the rule of conduct for the groups. 

In this way you can get feedback, encouraging and training ideas from your community and share your journey with others, both the ups and the downs.

You can choose to become a member of an online teaching community group with your second 4-lesson bundle purchase, this is to ensure that the groups only have members that are active in filming themselves and working on their education and development in this way.

The Space Between

Clinics and lectures

From 2018 I will also offer The Space Between clinics and lectures.

These clinics have their main focus on the mental aspects in human and horse.

We will talk about things like Chosing thoughts, intention, acceptance, energy,

being and doing, joyfulness, goals and ambitions, etc

Both in theory and in practical lessons we will explore connection and communication

and search for good ways of understanding ourself and our horses and building a

joyful and balanced life together with our horses.

Humans and horses from all disciplines and ages are welcome.

Please contact me for further information.

The Summer Retreat


The joy of movement 18th-21th of July


This year the summer retreat at my home will be all about movement.

Our guest instructor this year is physiotherapist Serena Jöngren from Stockholm. Serena teaches Movement classes for riders. We will get to explore our own movement and learn about our bodys in daily practical sessions with Serena.

There will also be lessons with me, theory lessons and a ride out in the forest.

We will live close to our horses and enjoy all meals together as a group. This is a offline retreat, so no internet, to allow us some days away from everyday life and bring us better into the now.

The clinic is for 8 riders and their horses.

For more information please click on the link below, it will take you to the FB event for the retreat:





I can also drive out for lesson days in low season and unbooked weekends if you book more than 8 lessons.

Feel free to email me for more info on this.



It is possible to come as a week student between May and October. As a week student you get to see my daily training of my own horses as well as get private lessons with your own horse.


Please E-mail me for more information about being a week student.




    Varberg, Sweden

(+46) 0709 600 120


January 23, 2017

The brand new home page is launched.

May, 2017

A new chapter starts.

My horses move home and we start building our paradise on our own land.





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